Client Success Stories

Matthew’s Success Story

Matthew” 1.5 years old (20 months)

When Matthew joined our program, his mother had the following concerns: “Doesn’t respond to name, repetitive behavior (spins in circles), doesn’t play with toys, hasn’t spoken words, very short attention span, ignores all other children.”

She reported that the family didn’t feel comfortable going anywhere. Matthew wouldn’t listen and they were afraid he would run off.

He didn’t seem interested in anything except spinning in circles. The family was stressed and didn’t know what to do.

In May 2016, Matthew began an individualized, comprehensive, developmentally appropriate ABA therapy program for 35 hours per week.

Within months, Matthew:

  • knew over 150 functional and meaningful words
  • initiated communication
  • engaged in joint attention
  • decreased his spinning
  • began enjoying playing with cause-and-effect toys
  • began parallel play with other children at the center

To continue his great progress and help prepare him for a more social environment, Matthew graduated to a half-day of one-to-one ABA therapy and a half-day in our therapeutic preschool.

He received speech therapy and social groups in addition to his ABA therapy starting in April 2017. In December 2018, he graduated from KGH and transitioned to a typical preschool—without any support needed.

Matthew started regular education kindergarten in Fall of 2019, promising to send us school pictures. 

Matthew’s parents are thrilled with his progress. They are so happy he will be attending typical preschool and kindergarten. They enjoy going to the park together and having cousins over to play.

Matthew’s program at KGH has been life-changing for him—and his family.

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