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Nov 21st, 2022 Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) is an area of speech-language pathology that focuses on the assessment and treatment of individuals who have difficulty communicating verbally. AAC interventions can range from low-tech to high-tech devices and systems. Selecting the right AAC system for an individual can be...
Nov 14th, 2022 Whether at school, in sports, or around the neighborhood, children are bound to have both positive and negative interactions as they branch out socially.  Finding new friends is a quintessential part of growing up that we all want for our children. Unfortunately, bullying is something...
Oct 17th, 2022 October is known far and wide for its pumpkins, corn mazes, and all things Halloween. This unique holiday can be full of candy and fun for all ages, but also potential challenges for children with autism to face and navigate. Flashing lights, scary costumes, and...
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