Developmental Milestones

What are Developmental Milestones?

Most infants, toddlers and preschool-aged children develop on a predictable schedule. We expect them to perform certain behaviors or tasks by a certain age. These are called “developmental milestones.”

The four main types of developmental milestones are:

  • social/emotional
  • language/communication
  • cognitive (learning, thinking, problem-solving)
  • physical

Every person develops at their own pace. But these milestones can give you important information about your child’s early development. 

Learn more: Click on the ages below.

Your Baby at 2 Months
Your Baby at 4 Months
Your Baby at 6 Months
Your Baby at 9 Months
Your Child at 1 Year
Your Child at 1 ½ Yrs
Your Child at 2 Years
Your Child at 3 Years
Your Child at 4 Years
Your Child at 5 Years

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