AAC Evaluation & Therapy

AAC Evaluation & Therapy

Voice or spoken words are, at times, not enough. Some children with autism need help finding additional ways to communicate.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) refers to the ways, other than speech, that your child expresses their ideas, needs and/or wants to another person.

Our trained and specialized Speech-Language Pathologists can perform AAC evaluations to determine what type of system(s) would be best for your child. They can also teach you and your child how to use these systems.

Some examples of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC):

  • picture exchange communication system (PECS)
  • writing things down
  • drawings
  • sign language
  • modified sign language
  • speech generating devices
  • using an iPad with voice output to communicate
  • eye gaze
  • AAC Switches

At KGH, we take a total communications approach, using whatever is needed for your child to be able to express themselves. Research has shown that using AAC helps a child become more communicative, vocal, and increases their verbal and nonverbal skills.

We believe your child has a lot to say. What they say is more important than how they say it!

We tailor therapy to your child's needs

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