Our Vision & Values

Our Diversity Statement

Our Mission

Providing individualized and evidence-based services to individuals with autism, their families, and those who serve them in an effective, ethical, and value driven manner.

Our Vision

Improving the quality of life for individuals with autism and their families.

Our Values


  • Always do the right thing
  • Always do your best
  • Actively standing up to injustice and calling ourselves and one another out with honesty and kindness


  • Walk in our clients’ shoes every day
  • Show compassion towards your coworkers
  • Learn, embrace, and respect others’ perspectives


  • Build a positive team and family spirit
  • Grow positive energy
  • Inspire others to be their best
  • Together, our differences make us stronger

Be Happy

  • Do what you love, love what you do
  • Work hard, play hard
  • Be accountable for your own success
  • Be authentic and true to yourself

Responsibility to Clients

  • Exceed expectations
  • Make a difference
  • Teach our clients to celebrate their individuality


  • Make ideas happen
  • Find new ways to make it better
  • Be a creative thinker
  • Diversity drives creativity

Everyone on the KGH Team is Licensed or Certified

We work one on one with your child to bring out the best in them.
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Upcoming Events

SLP Services in an ABA Setting Webinar
*CEUs Available
6.14.22 from 7 pm - 8 pm CST
Finding the Right Autism Treatment Provider: Best Practices for the Best Outcomes 
6.27.22 from 12 pm - 1 pm CST
6.27.22 from 7 pm - 8 pm CST
The Importance of Teamwork: Interprofessional Collaboration in the Treatment of Children with Autism 
7.27.22 from 12 pm - 1 pm CST
7.27.22 from 7 pm - 8 pm CST